Freedom of Choice

Caucasus Edition is a Journal of Conflict Transformation which provides a perfect opportunity to Azerbaijani and Armenian youth (not only) to share/discuss their vision on the peaceful development of Azerbaijani-Armenian relations.
Below is my piece for Caucasus Edition.
Freedom of Choice

Our birth does not depend on our will. We are never free to choose where and when to be born. So when I appeared in this world I was already given several facts about myself in the following package:

1. Nationality: Armenian

2. Place of Birth: Baku, Azerbaijan

3. Year of Birth: 1988

In 1988, I could not imagine that the first two facts were actually about to be incompatible. And it was not me to decide that at the age of one I would have to leave the city, where my life had started, without a right to ever go back. Anyway, it had to happen and it happened.

My family left for Yerevan, where life restarted from an absolutely new page. I was growing and with time understood who my mommy meant when she repeated from time to time: “I wish I could have any news from Jamal Mekhtiev” (Jamal was her favorite student in Baku). I learned what a strange word “Montino” meant (it is the name of the neighborhood where we lived). I was actually told so many different stories about my family’s peaceful life in Baku and the tragic events we turned to be engaged in, that it was really difficult for me to define what I exactly felt about all that. Many years passed… Read more


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