Leonid Afremov

Art is my life and I paint every single day
Leonid Afremov

Several minutes ago I have discovered an absolutely lovely artist Leonid Afremov. Surprisingly I had never heard about him, though he turned to be quite popular. He paints with palette knife with oil on canvas and does it amazingly.
Thank you Nune Melkoumian for exploring his paintings to me.

I am posting some of them below and going to print them and post on the walls of my small room in the dormitory.
The source of the pictures is “Look At Me
More information about Leonid Afremov, his paintings, blog discussions, etc. can be found on his official website at http://www.afremov.com
Finally, you can watch how a new painting is being created here
Enjoy it..



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10 responses to “Leonid Afremov

  1. Vardges Avetisyan

    Great paintings!
    These vivid colors underline hidden and wonderful aspects of daily life, which are quite often ignored because of the “daily life”.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Спасибо за хорошее утро)

  3. i’m happy to know you guys liked it 🙂
    thanks for the feedbacks!

  4. Никошкин, спасибо за ЭТО!!! очень красиво! Света прям играют и перелваются всеми возможными и невозможными красками!!!! Очень здорово!!!!!!

  5. Such an incredible style! I normally scroll vertically pretty fast over some of the posts but this one I stopped on each picture admiring the unique feel each painting generates.


  6. Diyana

    hi Veronika, we don’t know each other and it’s a long story how I found out about the blog, but I just had to comment here how much I like these paintings and to say thank you for sharing! it’s amazing how one thing leads to another…

  7. great power of social networks (including blogs) is in being able to share. somebody discovered this to me, i discovered it to you, you will do the same for someone else – a very idea is great!
    thanks for the comments!

  8. hiba

    only some people can give inspiration and i found it in these paintings. great work!

  9. gayathry

    its above words ……………………u r just great i really love u for what u have done……………..

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