UEFA EURO 2012 Armenia vs. Russia (Beyond Football)

Profile pictures of Armenian football fans are switched on the ones showing their support to Armenian national team at tomorrow’s football match between Armenia and Russia within the frames of UEFA EURO 2012. People are still trying to find the tickets to get a chance to watch the match, which is taking place at Yerevan’s Republican Stadium. All of us are excited and even being far from home we will definately watch the game online.

Armenian national team’s goalkeeper Roman Berezovsky, being of Russian origin, takes a special place in the context of the upcoming match with Russians. In order to show how high Armenians value his devotion to the team he has been playing with for a very long time, they prepared a big poster with his picture and two short lines: “Рома, спасибо за все! Ты наша гордость!” – “Roman, thanks for everything! We are proud of you!”

That’s something which is beyond nationalities, politics, and even the game itself. That’s about pure human relations! Regardless of the outcomes of the game, this kind of seemingly minor things make it great.
So let everyone support his/her team and let’s be inspired with the possibility to have somebody/something to sincerely believe in!

*the source of the picture is: http://www.a1plus.am



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2 responses to “UEFA EURO 2012 Armenia vs. Russia (Beyond Football)

  1. Ruzanna

    Even being very very far from football I was truly excited by this event and watched the match with pleasure (to my own surprise)!! But the most surprising thing is that another poster, which read “Armenia vs Russia: match of friendship”, provoked the same fillings and thoughts in me…this is realy something beyond nationalities and game!

  2. Andranik Israelian

    I was really hoping to see my national team competing to overcome colonial psychology 🙂 and I got that guys were doing their best,….unluckily they did not succeed,like our greco roman wrestling brilliant team,to defeat russians in world cup 2010,but still it was a ………..moral victory 🙂

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