Auto racing… Yet another way to speak out

I think I just love any initiative standing for social or any other kind of justice. I find it really amazing when people are willing to get together using different tools to deliver their message (whatever the message is about unless it contradicts humane values).
I do not share a number of things promoted by the opposition in Russia that got visible right after the parliamentary elections in December 2011. That’s a different topic though. As for the one discussed in this post, today’s auto racing in Moscow held for the “Fair Elections” was a cool idea. According to different sources from a couple of hundreds to a couple of thousands cars with white ribbons and balloons circled Garden Ring today in Moscow.
Even if this kind of peaceful demonstrations do not bring any significant change (cuz they obviously do not), they at least demonstrate that people are aware of falsifications and are not going to adjust. People are the best watchdogs, while their active civil position is the best prevention of usurpation of power. Alright, I agree, time matters here. One’s gotta be patient enough to get to the point when it will be hard to doubt what Vaclav Havel once called the power of those who seem to be powerless.


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