Caricature as a Protest

I know I am a bit late in terms of getting back to this topic, but time did not change my attitude to the issue concerned. I am talking about so-called “Putin” clubs establishment in Yerevan.
First of all, the very idea is a total nonsense. And I want to make it clear for anyone  reading this post, that it is an outrageous lie that Armenian youth initiated the foundation of this club. Armenian youth has nothing to do with this. And a couple of people do not represent the whole society, nor are given a right to talk on behalf of it. Well, we stand for the freedom of speech and assembly? Alright, no problem, let them (the club founders) create whatever they want to, but none of them should be surprised then to see a huge wave of disagreement and criticism about this weird idea. Why not to create some “Obama” clubs and then maybe also “Sarkozy” clubs… Oh, wait, and how about “Kim Jong-il” club, huh?
I wish it was about name only. But it is not. The founders do not even try to somehow hide the goal of this initiative. They are clear to say that the club aims at disseminating Russian prime-minister’s ideas and bringing up new generation. May I inquire, though, what the new generation in ARMENIA has to do with something promoting RUSSIAN politician’s ideas? Where the hell a simple sense is?

And, as I said above, a lot of people in Armenia were highly critical to this personality cult, while ArmComedy fellows organized a parody of the “Putin” club opening in Cluboratoria on January 31st. This was the way not only to protest but also to demonstrate how outrageous the idea is. Thumbs up, guys!

And below’s a discussion on the fake club opening


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