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Galstyan’s Gold Medal at Olympic Games: trying to define its value to me

Arsen Galstyan of Russia takes judo gold medal at London Games.

Kind of hard to define what was my first impression of this news. An Armenian from Russia, representing clearly Russia at the Olympic Games, won a gold medal. So should I be happy for Armenia? I suppose that would be weird to, as it obviously does not have anything to do with the Republic of Armenia, nor (officially) its population. Then should I be happy maybe for some kind of Armenian spirit beyond any borders uniting millions of Armenians living in Diaspora? But is there any? Well, even if there is – it’s too vague to feel any connection with.

There is a small bunch of people around the world aware of what the ending “yan” in the  last name stands for, the rest – does not care. For the world Arsen Galstyan represents Russia, and that is it.

So the only one who could be acknowledged for this victory is Russia. And I sincerely congratulate them, and I am sincerely glad for the family and friends of the outstanding sportsman. Oh, by the way, I also congratulate Brazil and I am very glad for Sarah Menezes’s family and friends. Hard work breeds success and appreciation! Kudos guys! And honestly I am very glad for all the outstanding sportsmen who will be taking medals from London back home. I do not feel proud of them though: either of Arsen Galstyan or Sarah Menezes or anyone else unless they represent Republic of Armenia on an international scene.

p.s. When the two Armenians (one representing Austria, another representing Armenia) took the second and the third places correspondingly at the Eurovision Young Musicians contest earlier this year, I was surely happy for both of them. But I felt deeply proud for Narek Ghazazyan only, who represents the country that I am coming from.

p. p.s. Migration kills. I wish I could be strong enough to take it easy. I am not, though, unfortunately.


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