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Safarov’s Extradition and Heroization

In 2004 in Budapest an Azerbaijani officer, Ramil Safarov, murdered an Armenian lieutenant, Gurgen Margaryan, with an axe, while the latter was sleeping. Same year Safarov was imprisoned in Hungary and given a life sentence. Learn more

8 years later, 2 days ago, according to the Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons the murderer was extradited from Hungary to Azerbaijan, where he was immediately pardoned by the President and recognized as a hero.


Azerbaijani side does not deny the fact of the slaughter, nor its circumstances, namely that Safarov hacked a SLEEPING person and during PEACEFUL times. Yes, Azerbaijani authorities do not deny it, and are not ashamed to name Safarov a hero exactly because he is a murderer and exactly because he murdered an Armenian. I think I know what’s your problem, Mr. Aliyev. You simply cut any possibility for the bright personalities to flourish under your “I am the State” regime and massive nation-wide violation of human rights. This is why all you have to be proud of is a miserable murderer. You know, I tried to hate you, but all I ended up with is feeling sorry for you and those of your compatriots who support your dumb decision. But let that be your problem. The last thing I want to tell you is that, I know bright personalities in Azerbaijan, who I’ve never felt sorry for so far. And I do believe they will keep on fighting against the sick ideals you feed your society with.


Hundreds of Armenians were protesting the extradition in front of the Hungarian consulate in Yerevan. What Hungarian Ministry of so-called Justice did is definitely to be protested. The case is not only about Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is obviously also about Hungarian government which unfortunately turned to be so pure and naive to believe “assurances from the Baku government that his [Safarov’s] sentence would be enforced in Baku”. However burning Hungarian flag during the demonstration in Yerevan was as disgusting as the Hungarian decision of extradition. We have to understand that the symbols as the national flag are tightly connected with people’s feelings and identity. Nobody is given a right to hurt it. Thousands of Hungarians do not have anything to do with this case and no way deserved watching their flag burning. This is unacceptable. I want to thank my Hungarian friends who condemned extradition and told me that felt ashamed for their government. And I want to apologize for the flag incident.


Article 12 on the Pardon, Amnesty and Commutation of the Strasbourg Convention on the Transfer of Sentenced Persons clearly says: Each Party may grant pardon, amnesty or commutation of the sentence in accordance with its Constitution or other laws.

Dear lawyers, could you explain me please what is the point of the document if in the end it does not provision any responsibility for the cease of imprisonment of the sentenced person? (Sigh) why am I asking lawyers though? Did not I know that International Law is least of all about law, and mostly about world politics. As for the world politics, by the way, and major powers – they do not seem to be prompt in the evaluation of this outrageous case – I guess they are just fluctuating between the price of human rights and priceless Azerbaijani oil.



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Galstyan’s Gold Medal at Olympic Games: trying to define its value to me

Arsen Galstyan of Russia takes judo gold medal at London Games.

Kind of hard to define what was my first impression of this news. An Armenian from Russia, representing clearly Russia at the Olympic Games, won a gold medal. So should I be happy for Armenia? I suppose that would be weird to, as it obviously does not have anything to do with the Republic of Armenia, nor (officially) its population. Then should I be happy maybe for some kind of Armenian spirit beyond any borders uniting millions of Armenians living in Diaspora? But is there any? Well, even if there is – it’s too vague to feel any connection with.

There is a small bunch of people around the world aware of what the ending “yan” in the  last name stands for, the rest – does not care. For the world Arsen Galstyan represents Russia, and that is it.

So the only one who could be acknowledged for this victory is Russia. And I sincerely congratulate them, and I am sincerely glad for the family and friends of the outstanding sportsman. Oh, by the way, I also congratulate Brazil and I am very glad for Sarah Menezes’s family and friends. Hard work breeds success and appreciation! Kudos guys! And honestly I am very glad for all the outstanding sportsmen who will be taking medals from London back home. I do not feel proud of them though: either of Arsen Galstyan or Sarah Menezes or anyone else unless they represent Republic of Armenia on an international scene.

p.s. When the two Armenians (one representing Austria, another representing Armenia) took the second and the third places correspondingly at the Eurovision Young Musicians contest earlier this year, I was surely happy for both of them. But I felt deeply proud for Narek Ghazazyan only, who represents the country that I am coming from.

p. p.s. Migration kills. I wish I could be strong enough to take it easy. I am not, though, unfortunately.

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